‘Ideal Stores is generational!’ says the septuagenarian Mr.Rammurthy. ‘I used to come here as a child holding my father’s hand. He used to take me along the shopping aisles and show me the various products one-by one. At that young age I was fascinated by the gadgets man had built to make his life easier. As the years went by, I grew up; my appearance and behaviour changed, but Ideal Stores remained my preferred shopping place. When I used to come with my wife and daughter, I used to take my little one along the shopping aisles, the same way my father had taken me, some thirty years back. Today I am seventy-two years old. My daughter and her husband take me along every time they go shopping at Ideal Stores. I am not as young as I was back then; so I sit, near the elevator. Once in a while, I bend forward to look at those familiar aisles. I see my son-in-law take my grandson along those aisles. When I see this a big smile comes across my face.’

‘I admit I had never shopped at Ideal Stores before. I have to say, I liked my first experience.’ says young Miss Priya. ‘The reason I came here was because back-to-back bad experiences in the other appliance stores in the city had left me disappointed. That was when I heard the Ideal Stores ad in the radio. I was prepared to take a chance. When I came here, I was pleasantly surprised. I was greeted at the entrance and directed to a good parking spot. As I entered the building, I was given immediate attention and within seconds I was taken to product I needed. The wide choices that were put before me had taken me aback but with sales-people who actually knew about the product, I was on cloud nine. The pricing was just perfect and following my purchase, the product was kept in the back of my car. Before Ideal Stores I had wanted customer satisfaction and in customer satisfaction, Ideal Stores does not disappoint.’